9D6N Vancouver - Victoria

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9D6N Vancouver - Victoria

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9D6N Vancouver - Victoria

RM 7599
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  • Vancouver - Wells Gray Provincial Park - Robson Provincial Park - Jasper National Park - Banff National Park - Yoho National Park - Glacier National Park - Vancouver - Victoria

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  • 360-degree Panoramic View of the Rocky Mountains: Sulphur Mountain Cable Car
  • Jasper National Park, Banff National Park, Yoho National Park, Glacier National Park & Robson Provincial Park, Wells Gray Provincial Park
  • Four National Parks; Two Major Provincial Parks


Depart from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL). 

  1. Free pick up by bus from Vancouver, schedule as; 11:00; 13:00; 15:00; 17:00, guests are required to be wait in the airport for others guests to deliver to hotel by bus following the schedule (driver guide service fees: 5$/ per person).
  2. Pick up at Vancouver airport at own expense, time from 08:00 to 23:00; a total of 150 CAD (Canadian Dollar) will be charged for both first and second guest, for the following guest, each of them will charge another 15 CAD. 
  3. Arriving in Vancouver Airport (YVR); (a) for domestic flight in Canada, guests are required to gather near baggage reclaim area, at belt no 3. (b) For international flight’s passenger are required to waiting near the tourist information counter in arrival hall.

Hotel: Accent Inn Vancouver Airport or similar class.

Departure from Greater Vancouver in the morning, and driving along at Canada’s Highway 1 and passing through the Lower plain of the Fraser Valley and we will pass through and stay for about 20mins in a town called Hope Town, where the film “Rambo: First blood” is film, also Hope Town used to be a gold mining town, and it is beautiful. After that we will enter the City of Ganlu in the semi-desert area, where the famous American ginseng is produced. Guests will be visit the American Ginseng planting and processing factory, and expert will explains to the guests about the cultivation and curative effect of American ginseng. (Guests will stay here about 45mins). Then we will enter Well Gray Provincial Park to visit Spahats Falls (about 30mins). Spahats Falls is truly a geologic spectacle that was form 400 000 years ago due to lava eruptions and the glacial water cutting thru the harden lava.

Hotel: Valemount Vacation Inn or equivalent

Today we will be entering Canadian Rockies; Mount Robson Provincial Park where unique and beautiful scenery everywhere, (staying about 30mins) and overlooking the majestic Mount Robson. Mount Robson is the highest mountain in Canadian Rockies, its height above sea levels are 3954 meters. After overlooking the majestic mountain, we will move on towards Jasper National Park; the largest national park in Canadian Rockies. Then visit the Maligne Canyon (staying about 1 hour), we will be seeing Maligne River where the water river flows from the upper Maligne Lake, the water cut out two kilometers long, curve and deep canyon on these limestones until at the side of the canyon almost at a vertical drop. Due to the height of canyon, the waters fall from a great height, there are more than dozens of waterfalls over there so the waterfalls will sound like its roaring, it is a tremendous sound to hear. 
After that, we will head town of Jasper, and do some shopping on Patricia Street, and dine in some unique restaurant that server food from all around the world or to enjoy in a lively entertainment venue. Here, the old railway station, the quite chapel, reindeers and goats can be seen everywhere, will make you feel you are far away from the hustle and bustle. Moving on, we will be visiting Patricia Lake, Pyramid Lake, both of the lakes are line with Pyramid Mountain as the background, the incredible place with perfect scenery are best spot for picnics, fishing and boating. We will end the day after visiting the lake and head to Hinton for the night.

Hotel: Super 8 Hinton or equivalent


Early in the morning we will head to Athabasca Falls, and stay for about 45 mins, although the waterfall is not the highest waterfalls in the Canadian Rockies, but with the exchange and combination of many large and small rivers making it one big spectacular waterfalls. Next, we will be visiting one of the world-famous place: Columbia Icefields (staying about 3 hours). Giant snowmobile ride can be arranged (ticket need to be purchase) in order to reach Athabasca Glacier which is 300 meters deep, it allows you to personally come into contact with the legacy remains of the second Ice Age. After that we will visit Glacier ice bridge next to the Columbia Icefield (ticket need to be purchase). Take a stroll through the 280 meters high glass bridge, enjoy the world’s most unique ecosystem. Moving on we will be visiting Peyto Lake staying about 30 mins then we will be going to Banff (staying about 2 hours), Banff is located at the center of Banff national park, and the one of the most popular spot for tourist in the Canadian Rockies. Ending the day we will be staying the night at a resort where the Brokeback mountain was film.

Hotel: Stoney Nakoda Resort Kanaskis or equivalent


In this day, we are bringing you to the Sulphur Mountain to have a cable car ride (optional), to look at this stunning panoramic view of Rockies Mountain. Following we will be visiting the famous Bow River Falls and overlooking the majestic Spa Castle Hotel. Visiting the popular Banff town (staying about 1.5 hours), where at the side of the main street are full gift shops and restaurants. Hereafter, we will visit the Moraine Lake, where it is recognized by world by being the most photogenic scenery. With the surface color of a sapphire and crystal clear water. Following, we are going to the Lake Louise (stopping about 1 hour). Afterward we head to Yoho National Park to visit Emerald Lakeand the Natural bridge. Then staying the night at Western Town.

Hotel: Village Green or equivalent


Visiting the local famous bee farms in the morning and tasting different flavors of natural honey or purchasing high quality honey (stopping about 45 mins). Afterward, moving on to Kelowna city, visiting the Okanagan Lake, to look for the Ogopogo holy lake of the Red Indian people (stopping about 30 mins), also visit the locally famous “VQA” a luxury wine brewery, to taste the luxury red, white wine and purchase the well-known Canadian Ice Wine (about 1 hour), last we will be going to Merritt, where their primary industries are forestry, ranching and farming. Ending the day here at heading back to Vancouver. 

Hotel: Accent Inn Vancouver Airport or equivalent


On day 8 we will be taking the BC Ferry and head to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. The luxury ferry is well-equipped, guest can enjoy the food while enjoy the scenery of the strait and the island. Butchart Gardens, this hundreds year garden span across 50 acres of land, used to be a quarry, but after years of rebuilding, now it has become a colorful garden, and with careful planning and layout, now became a unique and refreshing garden. Within the garden, there is multiple garden theme with all kinds of flowers such as, Japanese style, Italian theme and so much more. Afterward we will head down to Victoria Downtown. In here you also can visit the narrowest valley in China Town; the Fan Tan Alley, and English’s design building in Victoria district, Centennial Park of Canada and the provincial building, and many more. 
BC Royal Museum (optional) Mile 0. The last pass through of the Beacon Hill Park and visit the starting point of the longest road in the world. The starting point of Canada’s Highway 1 across the East and West Shores. End of this unforgettable trip, and dropping off to airport.


Hope you had a pleasant journey in Canada. 


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