7D6N Mystery Wales & England

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7D6N Mystery Wales & England

RM 5199
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7D6N Mystery Wales & England

RM 5199
By submitting this form, you hereby agree that 2290 Travel ("the Company") may use your personal data that you provide in this Form for the purpose of receiving updates, news, promotional and marketing emails or material from the Company.
  • Private Tour

    2 - 7pax with flexible departure date

  • Start in : London

    Private airport transfer

  • End in : London

    Private airport transfer

  • Place : England

    London - Bath - Cradiff  - Plymouth - Cornwall - Salisbury - Windsor

  • Duration: 1 to 7 Days

    Introduce a unique concept that let you decide places and timing you wish to travel.

  • Tour Manager

    Chinese / Cantonese Speaking Guide


  • Visit Wiltshire which is full of unexplained mysteries.
  • Indulge yourself at the famous Roman Baths, where you'll learn about the city's imperial roots.
  • Venture to Stonehenge and learn all about its history and mysteries of this prehistoric monument.
  • Make your way to the stately edifice of Windsor Castle, the longest-occupied palace in Europe.


England is place unlike any other, filled with adventures and mysteries waiting to be had and memories waiting to be made.

Led by your lovely Chinese guide, you will visit the borough of Westminster, where you’ll find the iconic Neo-Gothic edifice that houses Parliament and the clock tower that houses Big Ben, the world’s most famous bell!

Experience London's royal heritage and pageantry in the glorious Buckingham Palace and cross over one of London's most recognisable sights, familiar from dozens of movies, Tower Bridge!

You can also turn to London’s impeccable fashion district, stopping at some of the city’s most famous retailers and chicest streets. Men will find fine tailoring done at Jermyn Street and Saville Row.

No shopping visit to London would be complete without stopping by Knightsbridge to inspect the wares at Harrods, the world’s most famous department store!

After a delicious and filling breakfast at your hotel, you’ll be picked up by a driver who will show you the best sites that London has to offer and of course, you will have to discover Wiltshire which full of unexplained mysteries!

You will then explore the Cherhill White Horse where white horses created by removing the grass on hills to reveal the white chalk underneath. Most are a few hundred years old, although the Uffington White Horse is at least 3,000 years old!

Other than that, you will be stunned by the area's landscape, including Silbury Hill, one of Europe's tallest prehistoric structures.

After an informative tour of Wiltshire, you continue your trip until you reach the incredible architecture of Bath where you’ll be delivered to the door of your comfortable and elegant hotel just in time for a delicious dinner and a festive evening.

Today features a tour of this remarkable city, filled with the varied histories and gorgeous monuments from a wide assortment of cultures.

You can start at the famous Roman Baths, where you’ll learn about the city’s imperial roots, before visiting nearby Bath Abbey. It features an imposing exterior and a sumptuous interior and is highlighted by the gorgeous fan vaulting that runs the length of the nave’s ceiling.

Cross Pulteney Bridge, one of only four bridges in the world that has shops running the full span on both sides, before visiting the impressive museum at No. 1 Royal Crescent, where you’ll get a sense of what a Bath townhouse looked like in the height of the Georgian era. 

Whereas at Cardiff, there's a medieval keep at its heart, but it's the later additions to Cardiff Castle that really capture the imagination!

The unusual shape of Roald Dahl Plass, a large public space is due to its past life as the basin of the West Bute Dock. A large rectangular dock once extended from here all the way up what is now Lloyd George Ave, right to the foot of the city centre, berthing up to 300 ships at a time. Also, visit Cardiff Bay, a freshwater lake that was once a stinky large dam!

For decades, some have dismissed Plymouth as sprawling and ugly, pointing to its architectural eyesores and sometimes palpable poverty.

Head down to this historic harbour area, Barbican where part-cobbled streets are lined with Tudor and Jacobean buildings, and old dockside warehouses have been turned into bars, restaurants and art galleries.

Enjoy a day at leisure, exploring Falmouth by rambling through the appealing jumble of cobbled lanes, salty old pubs, slate roofs and trendy cafes.

Few seaside towns in Cornwall boast such an arresting location as Falmouth, overlooking the broad Fal River as it empties into the English Channel.

 Visit the celebrated landmark there, St. Ives. Even if you've seen St Ives many times before, it's still hard not to be dazzled as you gaze across its improbably pretty jumble of slate roofs, church towers and turquoise bays!

Leave behind the streets in Cornwall, make your way to St. Austell that acts as the largest greenhouses in the world! Looking like a Bond villain's lair, Eden's bubble-shaped biomes maintain miniature ecosystems that enable all kinds of weird and wonderful plants to flourish!

Built as a burial grounds perhaps as early as the third century BC, Stonehenge predates the pyramids of Egypt by nearly 500 years and still serves as a pilgrimage site for neo-pagans from around the world.

You’ll be amazed by the size of the site and the incredible accuracy of the megaliths, wowed by the legends and puzzled by the possibilities of construction, ranging from anachronistic techniques to the work of the famous wizard Merlin!

From the verdant Salisbury Plains, you make your way to stately edifice of Windsor Castle, the longest-occupied palace in Europe! Your first glimpse of the castle is truly mesmerizing, as you make your way to the imposing stone ramparts via the Long Walk, lined with trees and cast in a gorgeous glow from the light of a south English sun.

Soon, you will have to bid goodbye to the jolly England by taking your departure flight home.

From the magic of Bath to the mystery of Stonehenge, from the grace of the English countryside to the power of the UK’s renowned capital, this is sure to be a first trip to England that will have you planning many more in the years to come!

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