9D8N Fiesta of Cote d Azur & Spain

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9D8N Fiesta of Cote d Azur & Spain

RM 6699
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9D8N Fiesta of Cote d Azur & Spain

RM 6699
By submitting this form, you hereby agree that 2290 Travel ("the Company") may use your personal data that you provide in this Form for the purpose of receiving updates, news, promotional and marketing emails or material from the Company.
  • Private Tour

    2 - 7pax with flexible departure date

  • Start in: Nice

    Private airport transfer

  • End In: Madrid

    Private airport transfer

  • Places: 3 Countries

    France & Spain

  • Duration: 1 to 9 Days

    Introduce a unique concept that let you decide places and timing you wish to travel.

  • Tour Manager

    Chinese / Cantonese Speaking Guide


  • Spend your time at the famous Monte-Carlo Casino for an ultimate gambling experience.
  • Explore the walled city of Carcassonne, the spectacular fortified medieval city.
  • Marvel at the beloved masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, the genius behind La Sagrada Familia.
  • Explore one of Spain's most underrated regional capitals, Zaragoza known for its endless architecture and particular style.


A magnet for sun-seekers and high-rollers, Nice, the bewitching coastal city has so much going for it, it’s almost embarrassing – fabulous markets, an enticing old town, glorious architecture and a wealth of super restaurants.

Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be met at the plane by our Chinese guide who will lead you to Monte Carlo which surrounded by quaint sea water and greens and what’s most famous there will probably be the Monte Carlo Casino and you are going to spend your time there for an ultimate gambling experience!

Ladies and gentlemen, you may start the day by walking on the red carpet and head towards Cannes which gained its famed for its international film festival before moving on to the iconic Toulon and Marseille! You can look out over the serene blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea from this cosmopolitan city!

After indulging yourself in this beautiful city that maintains the historic atmosphere, reaching the charming coastal esplanade, your private transfer escorts you to Avignon and visit the famous medieval bridge, Pont Saint-Bénézet and many other attractions.

Next, make your way to Nîmes which demonstrates an amazing precision of Roman engineering.

Early in the morning the streets are quiet, calm, and empty. Be prepared before setting out to Carcassonne which found at hilltop and play a role as most people’s ideal perfect medieval castle.

The brilliance and the beauty of the past return with the light of the morning in Carcassonne. You will be transferred to Barcelona. Welcome to Barcelona, a city that brims with life. Your eyes will be filled with narrow alleys bubble with energy whereas the seaside is graced with charm.

Get some rest after the long-haul journey and prepare yourself for tomorrow’s amazing journey!

The morning is brushed with bright light that glitters off of the Mediterranean Sea. Your responsible guide will recount you the information of the vibrant city and bring you to visit the landmarks such as Columbus Monument and Cathedral of la Sagrada Familia. The cathedral remains one of Gaudi’s most famous works and the spires rise to a height of 560 feet with three grand facades!

On the other hand, Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys is the main Olympic facility and home to concerts and major sporting events.

The ethereal image of the multi-domed Basílica del Pilar and La Seo reflected in the Río Ebro is potent symbols of Zaragoza, one of Spain’s most underrated regional capitals.

There is plenty more fine architecture here too, including a turreted castle with an interior like a mini-Alhambra and some very creatively displayed underground Roman remains, but Zaragoza's appeal goes well beyond its monuments.

Make sure you try the Tapas there as this city is known for the best Tapas and bar scenes which produced by local genius painter Francisco de Goya!

Ancient Zaragoza has always been known for its endless architecture and particular style. After breakfast, make your way to Toledo. You will be fully captivated by the city that has collected cultures century after century and which with creativity and invitation together with incredible heritage and indescribable scenery!

You then set off for Madrid and find yourself in the capital of Spain.

Madrid is filled with soul and an intimacy that resembles much of Spain. Wander around museums which hang Picassos and the plazas and boulevards that filled with families and lovers, flowers and benches, combining into the elegant mural of the cityscape.

Also, visit the Palacio Real, the largest palace in Europe! It gigantic palace encompasses 1,450,000 square feet and containing over 2,800 rooms which can fit hundreds to even thousands of people!

Soon, you will have a private transfer to the airport, but for now you can stroll through the city and enjoy the tranquil sunlight along the shimmering stones of the city’s illustrious past.

Vacations in Spain are never forgotten, and you will have many memories to cherish on your flight home!

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